Ukraine says Russian bombing poses 'real danger' of nuclear disaster

Latest missile strikes caused shutdown of four atomic power plants and mass blackout

Ukraine has restored heat, light and water supplies to millions of people following the latest deadly Russian missile strikes and said such attacks made nuclear disaster a real danger after the count… [+3275 chars]


Ukraine war: Germany looks to renewables after Russian invasion

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has crystallised the need for clean, renewable energy in Germany.

Russian dirty bomb claims 'feel like scare tactics'

The BBC's Paul Adams asks what is behind Russian claims Ukraine may use a so-called dirty bomb.

Russian commanders discussed using nuclear arms in Ukraine, says US

Military leaders are said to have talked about how and when they might use the weapons in Ukraine.

Ukraine war: UN nuclear watchdog to inspect Ukrainian sites

The visit comes after Russian accusations that Kyiv is planning to use so-called dirty bombs.

Ukraine war: Kyiv water supply restored but blackouts remain

Parts of Kyiv fall dark, despite power and water being restored after Russian attacks on Monday.

Ukraine war: Russian activist writes letters from jail

Russian activist Vladimir Kara-Murza, charged with treason, writes to the BBC from his jail cell.

Ukraine war: Putin endorses evacuations from occupied Kherson

The Russian leader approves of civilians leaving "dangerous" areas of a key city in southern Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Russian spy chief blames West for nuclear tension

The head of Russia's foreign intelligence service falsely accuses the West of nuclear war threats.

Ukraine war: South Africa refuses to seize sanctioned Russian superyacht

Pretoria says it sees no reason to seize the yacht owned by Russia's richest man, Alexei Mordashov.

Ukraine war: Were Russian soldiers shot after surrendering?

Video has emerged that Russia says shows the killing of their surrendering troops in eastern Ukraine.


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